Riff please wait a moment... coming soon! LIVE SCHEDULE ¥8/20(…) a’JAube aube shibuy&Hastudai DOORS presents "Million Jack Project" ACT:Animarootw/Riff/Why Not/ THE FUNKY SPRING HAIR/ALTOROBINA/ ƒTƒJƒmƒEƒGƒiƒIƒAƒL op/st 18:00/18:30 adv/door 2000/2300(+drink500) ¥8/26(ŒŽ) a’JMilky Way "SEVEN SWELL vo.9" ACT: More Than Love/ LaraWing/Riff/ƒ~[ƒgƒpƒXƒ^[ƒYI Voona(from Nagoya) ReaL(from Osaka) and Secret Guest! op/st 17:30/18:00 adv/door 2000/2500(+drink500) copyright(c)2013 Riff all rights reserved.